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Painting 1/35 Scale Heads Using Oils "The Bannerman Way"

Mark Bannerman

Here is a step-by-step approach which I use to painting a head in 1/35th scale. You will need about 5-10 minutes per evening spread over the next three days to do the following steps. Let's start with the head. This is a 1/35th scale Hornet head from one of their excellent sets.

Frame 1 - This is the completed figure. In this series of step-by-steps, I will share with you how I approach the painting of the entire figure. I will start with the head and attempt to have head done over the next couple of weeks. In March, I will cover how I painted the pea pattern uniform.

Frame 2 - Hornet head was stripped of paint using Strip-a-Kit and cleaned up thoroughly using soap and water to remove all and any residual. Let dry. I then sprayed two light coats of Tamiya Dark Yellow 20% mixed with Tamiya White 20% cut with Rubbing alcohol 30% and Tamiya Gloss 30%. Let dry for a day. I usually spray 10-15 heads at same time to avoid having to pull out airbrush, wasting paint and clean up for just one head. At any time I have twenty primed heads.

Frame 3 - a light wash using Burnt Umber and Testors thinners cut 50/50. It should be tainted thinner and not thinned paint. Wash face and allow the thinner to creep into all the shadow areas. It is best to do several light washes than one heavy wash. Light washes will not lift the Tamiya base as easily as one heavy wash. And you can better control small washes. You will see my brush is a real cheap no frill $. 99 deal. No need for expensive brushes. I have only one good brush (Elante) and I use this only to lay the flesh base.

Frame 4 - leave to dry for about 8-10 minutes. As soon as the shine in the wash starts to dull out, commence lightly brushing with a downward stroke touching only the peaks of the head. The brush should be very soft and totally dry. Essentially you're removing the dark wash from highlight areas and revealing the original base paint. Not too many strokes - two at the most in the same area. I usually do 10 strokes to cover entire head

Frame 5 - Completely dry (24 hours). The result should be same as when you started (Frame 1) except the deep shadows are now darkened and filled.

Next week six more frames - doing mid-shadows, laying in the flesh tones and highlighting.

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