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Sd.Kfz. 267/268 Befhelswagen Tiger I - Mid Production

s.Pz.Abt.507 "WHITE A" Command Tank of Battalion CO Major Eric Schmidt - Knight’s Cross Holder

Tarnapol, Russia - June 1944


The vehicle modelled is from the s.Pz.Abt.507 (Heavy Panzer Battalion), which saw extensive service with Tigers on the Eastern Front from 1943-45.  It represents the Major Eric Schmidt’s (the Battalion CO’s) mount, "White A", around mid-June 1944, and is based on 3 photos of it seen earlier during April forming up for the initial assaults on Tarnapol. I’ve chosen to depict it a couple of months later so as to show him with his Knight’s Cross earned for the heavy fighting around this sector.

This vehicle ("A"), was one of the 3 Battalion HQ Staff Tigers of 507 (the others being "B", and "C"). As such it wears the extra aerials carried for the command net radios. Oddly it has 4 instead of the common three, with an extra one on the LH hull top. The associated spare aerial storage tube is seen located on the rear plate with the "C" hook towing clevis repositioned on an angle to accommodate it.

It is an earlier production ‘mid’ from around the December 1943 batch. While zimmerited, it has the following distinguishing features:

Work done to Tamiya kit MM-35194:


1.1 General

1.2 Front:

1.3 Sides:

1.4 Rear:


2.1 Interior:

2.2 Forward:

2.3 Centre:

2.4 Rear:


3.1 Interior:

3.2 Front:

3.3 Sides:

 3.4 Roof:


4.1 Commander (Major Eric Schmidt):

4.2 Loader (Hauptmann Fritz Shock):

4.3 Gunner:

4.4 Driver:

4.5 Radio OP/Hull Gunner:

4.6 Painting:


- Chapter on s.Pz.Abt.507 from pp.349-374 with numerous photos

- 2 pics of "White A" on p.363 (front LHS & Rear LHS)

- clearest repro of the front LHS shot on p.132

- p.145 another clear shot of this view

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