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17 pdr Mk.2 Anti Tank Gun "Pheasant"

JP Morgan

Kits Used: Tamiya 25 Pdr Field Gun

Chesapeake Model Designs

17 Pdr (Firefly) barrel and muzzle brake

Eduard 25 Pdr photoetch set

Accurate Armour 17 Pdr ammo boxes


In response to the appearance of Tiger I’s in Tunisia, 100 17 Pdr guns were flown to North Africa and mounted on 25 Pdr field gun carriages. They first saw action during the Medinine battles in March 1943. Surprisingly, the somewhat worn out field gun carriages held up amazingly well to the additional pounding of an AT gun.


A second set of ‘Pheasant’ parts were scratchbuilt to be used as masters by Armoured Brigade Models for a conversion kit to be produced for the Tamiya 25 Pdr kit.

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