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Diorama Modeller
Godverdomme! Marijn Van Gils
A Modeller's Paradise Jean Baptiste Verlhac
In the Shadows Kiel Mohrman
"Coffee Break" Craig Stratton
"DropShorts" Ian Hill
Building the Wasp's Nest - Russia Spring 1944 James Blackwell
Panzer IV (Burnt Out) Miguel Jimenez
Stug III Miguel Jimenez
M4A1 Sherman - France 1985 Miguel Jimenez
"Packing a Punch" Michael Walsh
"The Grape" Michael Walsh
After the Battle - Ardennes 1968 Ian Hill
Cross of Iron Ian Hill
Defenders of the Reich Chris Mrosko
For the Motherland - Into East Prussia Bob Collignon

"Guess we were lucky yesterday sir"

Rob Plas
"Piston Amazed" Ron Puttee
"Pulling Out" - Paris 1944 Ron Puttee
Ardennes 1944 Tomi Mynttinen
Final Days - Germany 1945 Tomi Mynttinen
David and Goliath - Karelian Isthmus 1939 Tomi Mynttinen
Defenders of Normandy Tomi Mynttinen
Red Devils Tomi Mynttinen
Souvenir Hunter Tomi Mynttinen
"We'll Make it Work" Tomi Mynttinen

Stefano De Paolis

Pet Cemetery Ulf Andersson
Hedgerow Hell Brian George
Swan Song Yann Jouault
Stormbird Ian Hill
Last Stand Sam Dwyer
Eastern Front Encounter (Spring 1943)

Jean Baptiste Verlhac