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Hetzer SIG 33

Jari Lievonen

24 SIG 33 on Hetzer chassis were built in November-December 1944 to replace losses. Unfortunately their combat history is unknown. My guess would be that if they ever saw service 2. SS panzer "Das Reich" would have been a likely candidate as they lost all their Grille's at Ardennes. Painting is the one used by BMM in Hetzers at the time the vechiles were manufactured.
However, there is no evidence that BMM actually built them, it may equally well have been Alkett. Still, the only existing photos were taken at BMM factory yard.  

The model is based on the New Connection conversion kit which I recommend to anyone wanting to build this tank. The only disappointment in the kit are the white metal parts. I replaced the ammunition holders, cartridge boxes, exhaust pipe cover and some other bits and pieces with my own etched parts.

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