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M20 scoutcar
Serge Haelterman

Tamiya M20 scoutcar, both Verlinden updates, Mission Models' superb empty 50-cal. shells and some scratchbuilding. Painting was done with Tamiya acrylics. First a basecoat was applied then the centre of the panels were resprayed with lighter variants of the base colour. At this point I applied several coats of Valejo satin varnish to liven up the colours, when this dried (love the hairdryer) decals were fixed followed by a new coat of the satin varnish. Next, several coats of heavilly thinned Tamiya buff (acrylic) were applied (this removes the satin sheen on the dusted parts and leaves you with a nice contrast). Weathering was done with oils (black, raw umber, burnt sienna) thinned with Tamiya thinner after this a subtle drybrushing with Valejo paint. Then came the obligatory chips (materials used: Valejo greasy metal mixed with black, raw umber oil and enamel silver, graphite) and finally some Mig pigments (aplied with tamiya thinner) to finish up the job. Any questions, suggestions? Feel free to contact me at serge@werkmannen.be