Superb photo essay on this unit and its predecessors, beginning with the early days with Stugs, before moving onto the Ferdinand/Elefants then finally the Jagdtigers. Easily the most shots of theses heavies under one cover with most published for the first time. If you can spare the big bucks on the asking price you will not be disappointed. Also includes campaign movement diagrams, day by day diary accounts detailing actions and vehicle levels, plus numerous Restayn colour plates. The definitive work on this unit and pictorially on these vehicles to date. (current status: available)

Compendium of Tiger model photos in various scales. Some shots and models are a little toy-like, while others are quite good. A few top quality Tony Greenland Tiger kits in there too which makes a big difference. The majority of shots are b&w but 15 colour pics scattered though the book. (current status: available)

Despite the Polish text, still a good collection of shots and 1/35th scale plans of "Stubborn Emil", then the Ferdinand and Elefant, Berge-Elefant and even the Rammtiger. Nice colour plate section with 21 side profiles and logos. (current status: available)

Very useful coverage of these Tiger Family variants. Good selection of photos, drawings, and 4 view plans in a cheap available title. Recommended. (current status: available)

A great little book on the Ferdinand and Elefant with particular emphasis on the one at APG Museum. Jam-packed with useful info and good b&w detail shots, its an ideal modeller’s reference. The majority of the photos as mentioned revolve around the APG Elefant, but the odd Ferdinand and wartime shots are sprinkled through it. Recommended. (current status: available).

Despite the Russian language for the main text, there is an English summary and captions on the pics. This is a fantastic cheap pictorial work on these vehicles with many previously unseen shots from Soviet archives. Printed on good paper in the landscape Squadron/Signal format with well reproduced photos this title is well worth having. The bulk of the book is taken up with the Ferdinand with only about 6 pages given to the later incarnation – the Elefant, followed by the Berge-Elefant. Also contains good colour plates. Detail sketches and well-drawn plans. (current status: available)

Very good photo coverage from prototypes, factory shots, and combat pics, beginning with Earlies through Mids and on to the Lates used by all the battalions. Photos are a mixed bag of old favourites and some unpublished ones, which maybe weren’t sharp enough to make other glossy books, but are shots which are interesting nonetheless, due to their rarity. They are all a little dark in the repro though. 7 pages of plans in 1/35th. (current status: OOP)

Superb, definitive, technical study on the Porsche and Henschel King Tiger beginning with the prototypes through to the final production model. Covers all aspects of the TII from the ground up, inside and out. Contains an excellent selection of exterior and interior shots both wartime and museum pics. Every production modification is studied and documented from fittings to paint jobs. Without doubt, THE book on the subject - highly recommended. This is Part Two of the series and only looks at TII not the Jagdtiger. (current status: available)

Although released first, this is actually Vol.3 of a 3-part study. It is without doubt the single most complete in depth look at this area of study on the TI & II. Although jam-packed with info it’s a very scholarly approach and is a little tough to find info easily, especially with no index. It looks at each theatre and each unit involved in it, with lots of charts and some very good clear pics. Very detailed look at the campaigns, operations and the vehicles on hand with the units at various stages. (current status: available)

Outstanding photo coverage of the Tiger I unit by unit, theatre by theatre. Begins with the African and Italian Front ones - 501. 504, & 508, then looks at the Eastern Front - 501, 502, 503, 505, 506, 507, 510, "GD", 1.SS, 2.SS, then onto the Western Front covering SS101 & 102, s.Pz.Abt.503 & Kampfgruppe Fehrmann. Has a foldout of 8 colour plates and some TO&E charts. (current status: available)

Again very good combat photo coverage of the battalions for the first 64 pages then has a fantastic sketch, photo, and plan section covering details and production variations - everything from the tracks up. Also a foldout colour plate page on 8 vehicles. (current status: available)

Picks up where No.26 leaves off with a continuation of the invaluable sketch, photos and plan info, focusing more on the Mids and Lates. Then has good photo coverage of the Kubinka and Snijni (Lenino Museum) Mid and Late Tigers respectively, in Russia today before a section with more combat pics. (current status: available)

Outstanding pictorial study of the TII in photos for 107 of the 146 pages (US armoured cars for the remainder). Starts with the prototype Porsches and works its way through Porsche and Henschels in all units with a top collection of wartime shots under one cover including some very rare pics plus a foldout colour plate page depicting 8 vehicles. (current status: available)

30 pages of very good pictorial section on RMC Shrivenham’s freshly refurbished Tiger II from pp.20 to 51 with great detail shots and a even a few wartime pics of it in its s.SS.Pz.Abt.501 livery plus some good drawings and plans of both exterior and interior. Sadly all captions Japanese text only (the remainder is US M3/M5 Light Tanks). (current status: available)

Good for some cheap new shots from Russian sources. Also has a lot of sketches and diagrams. Covers Tiger I and prototypes (incl. a Russian shot of "Stubborn Emil" captured with Soviet eval. stencils on it), Ferdinand/Elefant and Sturmtiger. (current status: available, though tough to find)

Very handy photo study of existing Jagdtigers in museum captivity. Looks at the Porsche at Bovington, the Henschel at APG, and the Final Henschel at Kubinka. 3 photos per page and detailed captions. Great for modellers wanting close up detail shots of these vehicles. (current status: available)

Although all Russian language, it is very cheap in the west and is a top source of Jagdtiger photos, drawings and plans. Also has a very good section on "Stubborn Emil" at the start. Looks at Porsche and Henschel models from factory floor to interiors, wartime pics and museum shots. (current status: available)

A very handy primer for all things King Tiger. Virtually a condensed version of Jentz’s later VK 4502 to Tiger II Schiffer title. Contains a concise production history, a month by month summary of what happened and when in the run, what units fielded them and where, a lot of very accurate techo info and facts and figs., plus a few good clear pics and nicely done colour plates, including a cutaway interior view. 1/76th plans of final production Tiger II has caption transposed with another, the only thing to watch. Very good value and well worth acquiring. (current status: available)

Outstanding pictorial study of the Tiger II and Jagdtiger in very sharp, clear shots. Begins with a look at the prototypes and Porsche models then moves on to the Henschels and the Jagdtigers. Very good mix of photos including some rarer shots and a previously unpublished shot of three 1.Co. s.Pz.Jg.Abt.512 Jagdtigers with the "X" callsigns including "X1" captured by the Americans at Iserlohn. Good sketch and detail section at the rear followed by cutaways and plans. (current status: OOP)

While primarily on the Maus superheavy tank, coverage is given to the Tiger prototypes – the VK3001 and VK3601, "Stubborn Emil" SPG, and the Porsche VK 4501 in the first 18 pages with useful pics. (current status: available)

Probably the best collection of 1.SS Panzer Div. Tiger shots on both the Eastern and Western Fronts available, sourced from archives and veteran’s collections. Begins with their pre Kursk allocation of Tiger Is through to their last King Tigers. Highly recommended if the high price tag doesn’t scare you off. (current status: available)

Slim booklet on the Porsche Tiger I prototype VK4501 and forebears as well as its offspring the Ferdinand/Elefant, Berge-Elefant and Rammtiger. Some good pics and handy info with specs. (current status: long OOP)

Small booklet from long ago with some good clear shots, a concise history and technical evaluation with specs. The colour plates in centre spread and some of the text is hopelessly dated, but its probably worth a couple of bucks if you find it second hand for the photos. (current status: long OOP)

A revised and expanded version of the original Red & Black title listed above. Quite a few of the same pics are repeated as well as the inclusion of a few more. The text for the Tiger I section remains unchanged and a few photos are added and subtracted. This title then gets into the variants such as the Strurmtiger and "Bergetiger", before starting part 2 on the Kingtiger. This section goes through its development, production and features before looking at its main variant the Jagdtiger. (current status: long OOP)

An oldie but a goody. Very well illustrated overall coverage of the Tiger family from VK 3001,VK 4501,Ferdinand/Elefant, Berge-Elefant, "Stubborn Emil", Tiger 1, II, Sturmtiger, Jagdtiger through to the 17cm Grille SPG prototype. 2 to 4 shots per page plus specs and H.L. Doyle & D.P. Dyer drawings as well as some early Uwe Feist colour plates. A little dated in its captions but a good collection of clear shots nevertheless. (current status: long OOP!)

Comprehensive if not exhaustive technical study of the Tiger II inside and out, covering everything to the n’th degree! Reproduced on high quality photocopies and laser prints, it is extremely well illustrated with76 clear photos, 119 technical drawings, plans and sketches as well as 14 tables and charts. (current status: OOP)

Fair collection of Tiger I photos, detail sketches and plans. 6 pages of colour plates. Not the biggest collection of shots but not bad for the cheap price these titles go for. (current status: available)



Modest collection of Tiger II photos, detail sketches and plans. Also a few shots of the Sturmtiger including a rare internal pic from the T.M. showing the roof crane and rails as well as one of the shell rammer device. A few shots of the Elefant, Berge-Elefant and Jagdtiger. Some Tiger I interior and engine bay pics. 6 pages of colour plates, some good sketches. Not the biggest collection of shots but again not bad for the price. (current status: available)

The title says it all - a full English language translation of the crew-issued primer manual, complete with the original photos and comic illustrations enlarged to A4. A strong effort has been made to retain the humorous rhyming verse style of the original. A few minor typos here and there but otherwise well done. (current status: available direct from the author at P.O. Box 3061, Newport News, VA 23603 USA)

In their now familiar landscape format, another high quality, glossy photo essay on the German heavies, including the Tiger II - Porsche & Henschel (100 pages), Jagdtiger – Porsche & Henschel (35 pages), Ferdinand/Elefant & Berge-Elefant (30 pages). 5-view plans are provided for each vehicle in 1/35th scale and each has a specs page. The selection of shots is very good with a few familiar pics as well as some very rare shots of each of the vehicles, including a great colour shot of APG’s Tiger II(H) "332" in what appears to be original paint, post war and some T.M. shots. All photos are very sharply reproduced and comprehensive, covering all facets of these vehicles and their details. Some of the colour plates are suspect as to their accuracy, which lets this title down a little, but the extensive photo coverage easily makes this book a must have. (current status: available)

Useful, though a little dated modelling how-to from one of the pioneers of modern AFV modelling. A lot has happened to the hobby and reference information since ’84, with a whole new generation of Tigers being released, thus making all the base kits built in this booklet, bar the Elefant, now obsolete. Having said that, there is still good inspiration here and dio ideas, plus some handy museum detail shots for each vehicle built including good Bovington TI interior shots), and scale ammo diagrams and markings for the 88mm rounds. Models tackled include an old Tamiya Afrika Korps Early Tiger I, a converted old Tamiya Early to a Late in a workshop shadow box, a Nichimo Tiger II(H), a Nichimo Jagdtiger, a Nichimo Tiger II(P), and an Italeri Elefant. A page each on battle damage and zimmerit. (current status: revised edition just reissued)

A good cheap source of Tiger II in action, museum, and even a few interior shots. The bulk are b&w while 4 photos of Munster’s are on the inside covers in colour. The captions are often a little vague or "suspect" and the occasional pic is back to front, but a well illus. Photo album. (current status: available)

Ditto the above for Vol.I. Very good collection of unit by unit combat shots, sketches and cutaway drawings. 5 colour photos of Samur’s and APG’s TIIs are on the inside covers, though it is now known that the APG shots, thought to be in original paint and claimed to be taken in the early 50s, were in fact shot in 1971 and show a post war paint job. (current status: available)

Another translated German Waffen-Arsenal title, which provides an inexpensive collection of shots of the Tigers and their variants. Captions and unit Ids are often suspect, but a fair mix of shots to compensate. Covers Tiger I, "Bergetiger", Porsche VK 4501, Ferdinand/Elefant, Tiger II - Porsche & Henschel, Jagdtiger – Porsche & Henschel, and Sturmtiger. (current status: available)

Another inexpensive well illus. photo sketch and plans title, with a mix of interesting shots incl. slightly scarcer combat pics and museum shots, though 2 forgettable colour plates Covers Tiger I, II, Sturmtiger, Jagdtiger, and Ferdinand/Elefant. Also has a handy list of most known surviving Tiger family vehicles from around the globe. (current status: available)

A handy summary of the subject for the bookshelf covering Tiger Is & IIs, with a good balanced mix of info, photos and colour plates. A little dated but still quite useful for interior shots though light on for photos. (current status: OOP)

Reasonably well illus. with large format shots mainly of Tiger Is with only one photo each of the Sturmtiger, "Bergetiger", TII, Jagdtiger and Elefant. Good overview, though comes off as a little basic and dated when held up against other recent releases. The odd "new" photo here and there but numerous captioning errors and simplistic artwork let it down somewhat. (current status: available)

Another useful little book with a well-written and illustrated account of the Tiger’s development, variants and usage. Its penned by an author with the unique qualification of actually being ko’d by the "Bovington" Tiger I (131" of 504) in North Africa, before being appointed Tech.Intell Officer and given the task of evaluating it after its capture! Has a good, though not great collection of photos and illustrations outlining the vehicles and their details as well as a few good T.M. shots of the Sturmtiger’s interior. (current status: may still be available)

Although ancient, quite a good pictorial study of the Tiger family. Captions and unit Ids are very dated, as is the dodgy artwork in the colour plate section. Good clear pics of wartime and museum vehicles plus some useful sketches. Covers Tiger I, II, Jagdtiger, Ferdinand/Elefant and Sturmtiger. Worth grabbing second hand. (current status: long OOP)

Very good pictorial study of the Tiger I. 8 pages of colour plates then a unit by unit, model by model photo essay of the vehicle. Good clear shots and many ‘new’ shots. All Japanese text including captions. Some handy sketches and shots at the back illustrating details and changes to each model. Very well drawn 1:35th scale foldout plans of a Mid and a Late model and a full version of the original Tiger Fibel but in Japanese. (current status: OOP)

Despite the language problem a good affordable all-round source of Tiger I photos and colour plates in the main battalions. A lot of the shots are not all that common and the plates are well researched and as good as any being done currently. A few handy org. charts and even a page of RAL colour chips plus one on various unit symbols and slightly suspect numbering style variations. (current status: available)

As per the first volume a good mix of familiar and somewhat scarcer pics. Probably 60/40 Tiger I to II in breakdown in this one. Also has Panzer Colors style colour plate unit emblems and an assortment of battalion numbering configurations. (current status: available)



Very good combat photo essay on the Tiger I family in large crystal clear shots. Progresses from prototypes to employment in the main Heer battalions from 501 - 508 plus "GD", and those of the 3 SS Divisions. 509 and 510 are strangely ignored? It then looks at the Sturmtiger over 9 pages including some interior shots. "Stubborn Emil" gets 4 external factory shots, then the so-called "Bergetiger" gets 4 pics too. After a few pages of detail shots and sketches on the Tiger I, it turns to the interior and engine bay. Lastly there are two sets of 4 view plans in 1/35th. (current status: OOP)

Translated from the original German Waffen-Arsenal series in a Squadron/Signal landscape format. A good cheap photo coverage of the Tiger I in combat, with large clear pics from factory to the field on all fronts. Good mix of shots, including some interiors. A few dubious captions on unit Ids and even a shot of a Panther lower hull captioned as a Tiger on p.28, but apart from this a handy title. (current status: available)

Sumptuous, glossy-paged, pictorial study of the Tiger I in Ryton’s trademark landscape format. Covers the Tiger’s story from womb to tomb, with prototype, factory, and combat shots through to hundreds of crystal clear current day museum views of Bovington’s Early and Samur’s Late. Colour plates are scattered throughout and even an interesting 20 questions with 502 Tiger Ace Otto Carius is included. But it’s the photos that make this book a must have, despite the odd screwy caption or Id call on units here and there. (current status: Sadly now OOP, but an economy version has been released without the dust jacket and stitched cloth binding)

Good cheap, well-illustrated, source of Tiger family shots. Covers Tiger I from Factory to all theatres of service, then briefer focus on Ferdinand/Elefant, Sturmtiger, Tiger II, and Jagdtiger. 2 pages with 10 colour plate side views, plus lots of plans and sketches illustrating basic production changes and details. A few odd Id calls on some captions but overall a very handy clear collection of pics. (current status: available)

Translated from the original German Waffen-Arsenal series in a Squadron/Signal landscape format. Again a useful, cheap source of photos, though a little grainy and dark in their repro. Good mix of shots though seemingly randomly placed throughout and a bit basic re captions and unit Ids. Sadly one of Doyle’s sectional plan drawings of a Tiger II hull on p.39 has been reversed with the image back to front but a minor quibble. First 32 pages on Tiger I, with the last 15 on the Tiger II. (current status: available)

Superb quality photo study of the Tiger I and Sturmtiger. Good mix of very clear combat shots and a ton of close up museum detail pics especially of Bovington’s Tiger I getting a ground up restoration. Captions are often out re unit Ids but the standard and quantity of the shots more than makes up for it. Very good sequence of Tiger "141" of 501 in North Africa plus good selection of those from other units and a fair number of colour plates plus 3 pages each of colour interior photos. Great Sturmtiger section with some rare combat pics and bolt by bolt closeups inside and out including 3 pages of colour interior and exterior pics. Good 1/35th scale plans of both also. Indispensable reference for modelling and detailing both vehicles. (current status: sadly OOP)

Very handy walk-around of the Samur Final Tiger I in full colour, showing a lot of details for the modeller. Sadly only a few pages of the heavily revised late interior including a glimpse of the vertical recuperator gun spring next to the commander’s seat. (current status: available)

Very useful if not essential quick reference for the Tiger I from development to battlefield employment. Very accurate info on dates of production changes, and a good summary of issues to, and actions of, the main battalions. Typically well-drawn 1/76th scale Doyle plans and 8 pages of Sarson plates including a great cutaway of a late Tiger. Contains one of the few shots of the later gun recuperator spring set-up with the bike chain located next to the C.O,’s seat. (current status: available)

One of the few W-A titles on the Tiger not to be translated by Schiffer yet. Another good selection of Tiger I shots in combat on all fronts with the odd museum one thrown in. A lot will be familiar but some rarer ones as well. Good colour shot of a 502 Early on the back cover. (current status: available)

Hard to find now, but still a good selection of Tiger I pics. A lot were re-hashed in the later general Tiger title (no.27), but a lot weren’t. Great collection of large interior shots, close-up detail shots and campaign photos from all theatres of service. Usual centre spread showing two (inaccurately marked) Tigers and 5 crewmen in varying uniforms. A little dated in the captions and unit Ids with whats known now, but solid collection of shots printed clearly. (current status: long OOP)

Very well illus. w/sequential b&w shots of Tigers and units in 12 sections on various battalions, ideal for modelling purposes, plus 40 pages of very handy Tiger Fibel-inspired sketches detailing everything you ever wanted to know their operation and finer points at the back. Its loaded with top quality pics, the bulk of which I'd say are previously unpublished, being sourced from the yet relatively untapped French ECP Archives. The beauty of this title is where possible it gives you the full sequence of shots taken on a roll of the same vehicle. Those covered include s.Pz.Abt.502 in summer '43, 1/501 in Tunisia 1943, 503 in Russia through August 1943 1/653 showing a Beregepanther towing a Ferdinand, 2/502 in Estonia Winter '43- Spring '44, "332" of 3/502 in Estonia Spring '44, s.SS.Pz.Abt.102 in Normandy July '44 - mostly "231" & "211" and the captured Dingo/Lynce A/C, 2/503 in Lorraine '44 "221"?, "C01 of "GD" Russia '43 and "832" of 8. Das Reich from Feb 43.
(current status: available)

Very well illus. technical history of the Tiger I and II, their prototypes and derivatives, incl.: DW I & II, VK 3001, "Stubborn Emil", VK4501, Ferdinand/Elefant, Rammtiger, "Bergetiger", Sturmtiger, Jagdtiger, & Grille in photos, sketches and plans. Plus an extract from the original Tiger Fibel crew primer in the appendices translated into English. (current status: OOP)

Very high quality 1/35th scale modelling primer on the Tiger family showcasing them in dioramas from some top Japanese modellers. A mixture of b&w as well as full colour shots showing the kits under construction and finished. Also has some very useful sketches and museum detail shots on each vehicle as well as outstanding 1/35th scale plans. Subjects include: Early of 501 "112", Early of 502 "100", Early of 503 "124", Early of 503 "311", Mid of 501 "301", 2 Lates of SS.101 "212" & "231", Late of 508 "4", Early Sturmtiger, VK 4501(P) Prototype, VK 4501(P) Command tank of 653 "003", Tiger II(P) of 503 "314 - Anneliese", Tiger II(H) of 510, Jagdtiger(P) of 653, Jagdtiger(H) of 653, Ferdinand of 653 "411", Elefant of 653 "134".


Very useful and well-priced glossy paged, info-packed book. A bit scattered and random in its layout and pics plus some plain "odd" photo inclusions, but it easily makes up for it in terms of sheer digestible text and a ton of clear shots. Runs through a complete historical and technical overview of the Tigers, then covers battlefield accounts, including a thorough look at Kampfgruppe Fehrmann’s actions and their hybrid Tiger Is. Then Armament, Protection, and Mobility each receive chapters before it moves onto APG’s Tiger and other variants such as the Elefant, Sturmtiger & Jagdtiger. Some curious photos are included of only faintly linked contemporaries - but gems of shots nonetheless incl. Shermans, M26, artillery rangefinders, a mix of Allied and all manner of Soviet AFVs, etc. Definitely worth flicking through. (current status: available)

Translated from the German, this work is a slightly erratic though invaluable addition to the collection. It features very good first hand accounts of unit actions, good overviews and a great collection of veteran’s photos of TIs & IIs, many of which have not been previously published. Its layout is a little messy, as by trying to cover events chronologically as well as unit by unit, it jumps around a bit, but the info and the photos more than make up for this. A few ‘iffy’ photo captions and unit Ids to watch for as well as odd photo placement not corresponding to the text or chapter. Small section on the Jagdtigers of.s.Pz.Jg.Abt.512 and their battles though with only one pic. Plus a brief coverage of the operational history of the Sturmtiger with a rough sketch of the interior. (current status: OOP)

Well illus. w/b&w photos and fascinating original transcripts of all wartime Allied Tech. Reports on the Tiger I and Sturmtiger. Some very handy sketches and diagrams and great coverage of interior shots, with a good section on the Sturmtiger including a few interior shots. The Tiger II is not covered. (current status: OOP)

A very handy little book for all things Tiger I in North Africa, and in particular the APG Early Tiger. Very well researched info on allocation, paint and markings of 501 and 504 as well a technical evaluation and study of the APG vehicles fate. Lots of good wartime and museum shots with good details. (current status: available?)

What can you say about this one - "the Tiger Bible"! The most complete and accurate info to date on Tiger Is & IIs in use with the Wehrmacht/Heer units available. Begins with a brief written and pictorial summary of all the units under this umbrella, followed by a superb 40 page colour plate gallery by Restayn. It then launches into the 10 units, battalion by battalion - s.Pz.Abt.501 through 510, and on to the two Funklenk outfits who ran Tigers - Fkl.301 (also equipped with Borgward BIV demo. Vehicles), and Fkl.316. The unit chapters feature day by day diary entries outlining actions fought, movements made, and losses and replacements, as well as 1:1 "organigrams" of each battalion’s makeup in Tigers at a given date. The collection of previously unpublished and correctly ID’d shots is well worth the hefty asking price alone. Also useful maps on the inside covers showing each unit’s travels. (current status: sadly OOP but a rumoured reprint is on the cards for late ’99)

Ditto all of the above for Vol.I, though its slightly thinner and covers the SS Tiger units and the "named" and miscellaneous Heer Kampfgruppes. The SS battalions covered include all those from 1. 2. & 3. SS Panzer Divisions, "GD", and oddball WH units such as s.Pz.Ko. "Hummel", s.Pz.Ko."Meyer", Armour School "Bergen", Pz.Div."Clausewitz", Tiger Gruppe "Fehrmann", Fallschirm.Pz.Korps "HG", Pz.Ko."Kummersdorf", Pz.Gr.Div."Kurmark", Pz.Abt."Kummersdorf/Muncheberg", Pz.Kampfgruppe "Nord", Pz.Ko. & Pz. Gruppe "Padderborn", Pz.Ko."Panther", Panzer Lehr Div & Abt. "Putlos" as well as other misc. users of Tigers. Again invaluable and the definitive overview. (current status: may just be OOP)

Although strictly an illustrated biography of s.Pz.Abt.502 Tiger I and s.Pz.Jg.Abt.512 Jagdtiger ace Otto Carius, there are still some good pics of their (and his), vehicles throughout though sadly none of their Jagdtigers. (current status: available)


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