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Skoda 305mm model 1911 Heavy Mortar

The mortar was used by Austro-Hungarian army during World War I and the photos represent the mortars on Galician front (Southern and South-Eastern Poland) in 1915 or 1916. The artillery prime mover is Ferdinand Porsche 4x4 tractor, popularily known as "Mastodont" among the troops. Curiously enough, the vehicle was a product of Mr. Porsche's dissertation work !!!Note, the two kits (1/35th & 1/72nd) of the mortar are available - both in resin and both by Czech manufacturers.

The photos are a part of greater collection which was given as a gift by soldiers of certain battery to their officers (most of them of Polish and Hungarian origin). The photos will form a part of an article called "Austro-Hungarian Artillery WW1" to be published in new Polish "Militaria & Fakty" bi-monthly (and bi-lingual) magazine. The fellow enthusiast interested in getting a copy of the magazine please contact the undersigned who's an editor of it.

Images copyright Tomasz Basarabowicz and Andrzej Zareba 2000

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