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Accurate Armour C61 Stuart III/M3A1

Andrew Dextras

Packed in the usual sturdy AA box, this kit is designed to upgrade Tamiya’s aging M3 Stuart kit. Far from being a light upgrade, this set contains a large amountof resin parts and a large PE sheet. The kit will build into either a Commonwealth or US M3A1 and includes all the fittings appropriate to both versions.

The major resin parts included in the kit include: upper hull, turret, complete interior detail, complete exterior fittings including fuel drums, air filters, smoke dischargers, grousers and other stowage. The brass sheet includes sand shields for the Commonwealth version, headlight guards fuel drum straps and other details.

The casting quality is very good and the sheer number of parts added to the interior really makes leaving the driver’s front plate and turret hatches open an attractive option. Overall, I would say that this kit represents very good value for the money, especially in comparison to Verlinden’s recent M5 Stuart interior.

Highly recommended to all Allied armour fans!

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