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Armoured Brigade Models Late Production High Bustle 75mm Sherman Turret ABM #013

Andrew Dextras

Modellers who may want to upgrade Tamiya’s M4A3 or perhaps model a 75mm 47 degree M4A2 will find this nicely cast resin turret as the ideal way to add the final touch to their project. Based on ABM’s renown 105mm turret, this all resin kit contains all the parts necessary to build a complete turret. The gun barrel is cast in resin and is perfectly straight. The casting texture on the turret is exceptional and will respond very well to some light drybrushing. Both the split type and later vision cupola are included, which is a nice touch as both were seen on this turret type. The turret also features the correct cheek armour on the gunner’s side of the turret.

Highly recommended.

Armoured Brigade Models

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