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Friulmodel ATL-60 Churchill

Andrew Dextras

Cast in Friul’s usual white metal, these “pinned style” workable track links are designed to fit any 1/35 Churchill kits (either Tamiya’s or Resicast) which this later pattern track would be appropriate for.  The links are cleanly cast and I have noticed a significant improvement inn the overall cripsness in the Friul tracks over the last year or so.   Modelkasten used to hold a decided advantage in overall detail and crispness, but if this set is any indication, this advantage is now non-existent.  The set contains 170 links which should leave you with a fair amount of spare tracks, always handy as Churchills were frequently seen with plenty of spare links on the hull and turret.

Just what the doctor ordered for the British armour fan.  Highly recommended

Friulmodel tracks can be obtained from the North American distributor Chesapeake Model Designs

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