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Beulah MT6 Armoured Cars Video

Peter Brown

Video from Beulah, 18-20 St Dunstans Road, London, SE25 6DU, England Available in VHS and NTSC formats, price 16.95 plus postage direct from the manufacturers. Email beulah@enterprise.net   Web site http:/homepages.enterprise.net/beulah/

This series use complete original training films from Imperial War Museum archives. All in black and white with full, original soundtrack commentary. They offer modern viewers the chance to see vehicles of older generations in use, while those who used them way back then will find they bring back memories. Modelling ideas abound in all three, and all are recommended.

MT6 on Armoured Cars is a series of films from late 1942 showing two of the main British armoured cars, the Daimler and Humber. Both are shown in detail, including footage of vehicles being assembled along with guided tours of the cars showing their mechanical and fighting features and how to maintain them in the field. In the case of the Daimler, an Mk I car from the
first production batch is shown. While it is not a particularly early car, it does not have the spare wheel fitted which makes it look odd at first sight. As well as a complete tour of the vehicle including guns and radios, coverage includes an animated presentation showing how the Daimler "fluid flywheel" worked along with the layout of the transmission from engine to
wheel hub, and the techniques of First, Halt and Last Parade maintenance which were to get the car prepared for a day's work, checked over during sort stops on the march and at the end of the day respectively. This shows how the engine was accessed and also the cantilever operation of the turret hatch. A sequence shows it as it would have carried out a patrol alongside
Daimler's Dingo Scout Car, and includes the use of the reverse steering wheel. For the Humber, coverage of the vehicle itself is similar and includes the action of the raising gear for the engine cover and rear view shutter, as well as a staged demonstration of Humbers, Dingos and a motor cycle detachment "in action" as they find and destroy an enemy anti tank gun using smoke, fire and movement.

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