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Beulah MT8 Tanks by Train Video

Peter Brown

MT8 Tanks by Train Video from Beulah, 18-20 St Dunstans Road, London, SE25 6DU, England
Available in VHS and NTSC formats, price 16.95 plus postage direct from the manufacturers. Email beulah@enterprise.net   Web site http:/homepages.enterprise.net/beulah/

This series use complete original training films from Imperial War Museum archives. All in black and white with full, original soundtrack commentary. They offer modern viewers the chance to see vehicles of older generations in use, while those who used them way back then will find they bring back memories. Modelling ideas abound in all three, and all are recommended.

Covering the important practice of moving tanks by rail, the first two films here from February 1943 demonstrate the various methods used to load tanks onto and off the special Warflat trucks for movement, as Covenanter tanks - called "Covenantor" for some reason on the film - of 2nd (Armoured) Battalion, Grenadier Guards demonstrate the organisation and setting up of
marshalling areas as well as loading using fixed ramp installations, side loading techniques and using the special ramp wagons which were part of tank trains. They then do the same in reverse with similar method as well as using the emergency ramp method employed where no other facilities exist, after their train is attacked by Stukas. As well as the techniques themselves, this is a good chance to see Covenanters in use, and shows them in a two-colour camouflage scheme with unusual counter-shading on the turret and gun under surfaces. Note that the "ever open eye" Divisional sign was obscured for the film, but no attempt was made to fake cap badges. Bringing the total running time to 75 minutes, an additional short film shows 141
Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps (The Buffs) as they carry out the extra preparation, such as removing the side air intake covers and other items which would exceed the standard loading gauge, to prepare their Churchill Mk I and II tanks for rail transport.

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