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Bison Decals Swimming and Wading Shermans, WW2 British Shermans, Part 3 (BD-35014)

by Frank De Sisto

Water-slide decals in 1/35 scale. Price: $9.00 USD, plus shipping.

This latest in a continuing set of decal sheets for British Sherman medium tanks covers both Duplex-Drive (DD) and Deep-Wading M4 medium tanks. Two are DD tanks; three are Deep Wading tanks.

Tank “A” is red/white “68/Charmer”, a Sherman III of the 27th Armoured Brigade. Tank “B”, a Sherman III is also from the 27th and is red/white “10/Balaclava”. Tank “E” is a Sherman I Hybrid of the 4th Armoured Brigade with a yellow “triangle” squadron marking. All of these are fitted with Deep Wading trunks. The Duplex-Drive tanks include tank “C”, a Sherman III red/white “48/Borgia” of the of the 27th Armoured Brigade. The final tank (D) is a Sherman V DD from the Staffordshire Yeomanry with a yellow “circle” squadron sign.

The printing is done by Microscale in the USA, which is an assurance to the consumer that such things as color saturation, registration and image quality are first rate. The instructions consist of clear multi-view drawings and references to the colors that should be used. Typically, where markings could be checked against listed references, they were proven to be accurate, showing yet again that the designer has done his homework.

These markings will prove to be very useful for builders of the Resicast DD Shermans, as well as those who wish to use the various plastic kits and plastic wading trunks from Italeri or Academy, to model Deep Wading Shermans.

Highly recommended.

Bison products are available at retail and mail order shops and directly from the manufacturer at: www.angelfire.com/pro/bison. Visit their web site for images of reviewed items.