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Campaign 136: Meiktila 1945

by Edward M Young, illustrated by Howard Gerrard

Osprey Publishing Ltd: ISBN 1-84176-698-4, 96 pages

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This is how the Japanese garrison of Burma was thoroughly defeated by the 'forgotten' XIVth Army. Indian Army infantry and tank regiments formed the major part of that Army, and it’s good to read such a full description of their actions as well as those of the British troops. The campaign is described in detail, and good maps and birds’-eye-views show the country and the main battles. A good selection of photographs show the men and tanks as well as giving a good impression of the actual countryside, which reveals that it wasn’t by any means all 'jungle fighting', a good bit was open ground and some areas seem to have been bare earth with just a few scrubby bushes. Modellers wanting to put a Sherman or the expected Lee kit into a Burma setting will do well to check out these photos! Recommended.

John Prigent

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