Concord 7028 British Tanks of WWII (2) Holland and Germany

John Prigent

Concord 7028, British Tanks of WWII (2) Holland and Germany 1944/1945, by David Fletcher, colour plates by Arkadiusz Wrobel, ISBN 962-361-651-1, Concord Publications Co, 72 pages, 159 photographs, 16 colour plates.

David Fletcher’s second book for Concord about British tanks has been eagerly awaited, and was worth the wait!  This is a great selection, showing Churchills, Shermans, Cromwells and Comets plus a great deal more.  Scout cars, Buffalo LVTs, Carriers, and much more are here.  The photographs have good captions, and many of them show the unit markings which all modellers look out for. The plates are very good, too, using angles which show the markings instead of plain side views with little of interest to see.

Very highly recommended.