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Eduard British Firefly Vc, 1/35th-scale photo-etch for Dragon kit (item 35679)

by Frank De Sisto

This set replaces an earlier Eduard set, just as the DML kit replaces an earlier release of the popular Sherman Firefly. For the record, this etch set is really a nice improvement over the previous well-done set.

For starters, there are parts to replace the lids on the hull and turret rear storage boxes, as well as optional square or round vent plates for the turret bustle radio box. Staying with the turret, there are two styles of blade/vane sights for the area in front of the commander’s cupola, internal and external hatch details including complete periscope heads and covers, British-style antenna mount, brush guards for the periscopes, and loops and straps for stowage. The .50 cal. M2 HMG gets a completely new cradle, ammo box, belt and tray, grips, sights, cooling jacket, carry handle and travel lock.

The hull receives brush guards for the head and tail lamps, new front and rear fenders, different styles of spare track holders, tool straps and clamps and a complete set of sand shield mounting strips. Details for the hatches include periscope heads and covers, brush guards, handles and locking hasps. There are also three different styles of padlocks (four each) which will be of use on this kit as well as many others, a rather nice touch.

The engine deck gets new louvers and a working 17-lbr. gun travel crutch, as well as completely new smoke discharger boxes and mounts for the lower rear hull plate. Altogether, this is a very well thought-out and complete set, with a good number of options.

Highly recommended.

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