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Elite 104: Britain’s Air Defences 1939–45

by Dr Alfred Price, illustrated by Darko Pavlovic

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-710-7, 64 pages


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No, this isn’t all about the RAF in the Battle of Britain. It actually covers all aspects of British air defence from the RAF fighters to light and heavy anti-aircraft guns, balloon barrages, the Royal Observer Corps with sound locators (this was before radar worked properly over land areas), searchlights, and even aerial mines and anti-aircraft rockets.


Most directly relevant to Missing Links readers is the description of gunsite layouts and how they were placed relative to the defended areas – if you want to build a Bofors site you need to read this. It’s also very useful for anyone wanting a basic primer on air defence, since although the weapons have changed the principles behind their use have not. The photographs and plates give a good view of gunner’s uniforms on active service as well!


John Prigent

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