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New Vanguard #32: The Long Range Desert Group

John Prigent

New Vanguard 32, The Long Range Desert Group, by Robin Jenner with colour plates by DavidList and Mike Badrocke, 48 pages, published by Osprey Military, July 1999, ISBN 1-85532-958-1, 7.99/US$12.95.

This was one of my favourite titles in the original Vanguard series, and I know that second-hand copies have been eagerly sought ever since it went out of print. Well, Osprey has listended and here's the reprint at last!

Here you have under one cover not only a potted history of the LRDG's foundation but also information on its organisation and equipment that's very hard to find elsewhere. Tables show the LRDG's order of battle at various dates from August 1940 to the autumn of 1942 and are accompanied by exta tables setting out the Patrol organisation and vehicles used at those dates. Descriptions of the various types of patrol carried out, from pathfinding to intelligence gathering and offensive action- rarer than legend would have you believe -are here as well.

A good selection of photographs is here to show the vehicles and men, and the excellent plates range from a Ford Model T of the Light Car Patrol, the LRDG's 1916 predecessor, to a Waco biplane - yes, the LRDG had an air component. It should go without saying that the photos and plates cover the modified Jeeps and Chevrolet 1533X trucks that modellers love, but the Ford F30 and the lighter Chevrolets are here as well. Camouflage schemes and markings are well shown, with explanations, and no, they weren't all plain sand with Maori names painted on.

Very highly recommended - you'll never find a better source for modelling the LRDG.

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