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New Vanguard 98: British Anti-Tank Artillery 1939-45

by Chris Henry, illustrated by Brian Delf

Osprey Publishing Ltd: ISBN 1-84176-638-0, 48 pages.

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This is a useful guide covering everything built by the British from the 2-pounder of the early war years to the 32-pounder designed at its end. I have to disagree with the statement that the 2-pounder was obsolete in 1940, but this myth seems to be generally believed even though German tanks still had to be uparmoured to cope with that gun in 1942. However, the book explains better than any other that I’ve seen the differences between the two versions of the 2-pounder carriage. These are also clearly shown in the plates. The 17/25 pounder, 17 pounder and 32 pounder are well described though more and clearer illustrations of these guns and their carriages would have been useful than some of the “in action” photos. The self-propelled anti-tank guns and the portee carriages for the guns are dealt with as well, and even recoilless weapons are included. Sections on firing drill, tactics, anti-tank unit organisation and ammunition complete the book, and the first two of these will be very useful for anyone wanting to build a gun in action.



John Prigent

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