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RHPS WE-210 "Double I" M3/M4 workable track set

Andrew Dextras

This long awaited injection molded track set is the answer to many allied AFV fans prayers.  Until the release of this set, the only real option for modelling a Grant or Sherman in Commonwealth service wearing these tracks has been the old Accurate Armour resin trackpaks.  These RHPS tracks are much easier to install and remain workable without the need for glue, assuming you don’t try rolling the model on the carpet!  The detail on the track face and end connectors is excellent with the only negative being some sinkmarks on the inner track face.  A solution would be to simply use putty on the links where the sinkmarks would be visible.  Assembly is very straightforward and fit is excellent.  A dry fitting session using both Tamiya and ABM drive sprockets showed an incredible improvement in appearance compared to vinyl tracks in the way the tracks “hug” the drive sprockets.

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