999-S 120mm German Engineer Eastern Front 1943

Andrew Dextras

A new player on the 120mm scene, they seem to be off to a flying start with this 16th scale combat engineer. Posed standing in a fairly rigid stance and nicley weighted onto one leg, he is wearing a well defined WH field grey tunic and baggy camo pants. He carries a pair or engineer's charge pouches on his belt along with two stick grenades tucked into the front. His left hand is hanging onto his webbing strap while in his right he holds a Tellermine. He should be quite popular as a stand-alone figure for the large scale solo figure painters, or as a companion piece for other 120mm figures and vehicles from other manufacturers. Sculpting and casting is very crisp and clean with only minor flash to be removed apart from the plugs. In all a very nice entry piece into the large scale figure market, which is highly recommended if the subject is up your alley.

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