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Aber 35A69 1/35 German Helmet liners,chinstraps & decals

Eric Mac Intyre

This new photoetch detail set from ABER is designed for detailing the interior of German helmets. The set provides 8 liners for regular helmets and two for paratrooper helmets. A number of chinstraps are provided to allow for both the “done up” or “undone” helmet strap positions. The set also includes extra chinstraps to detail helmets that are being worn.

As a nice bonus, different water slide decals are provided, representing the different service divisions within the German armed force, i.e. Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, SS etc. These markings are also represented as tiny photoetch parts which can be glued to helmets and hand painted.

Overall, this excellent set is representative of the high quality standards of the ABER line of photoetch products. The tiny and highly detailed nature of the parts is truly remarkable and must be seen to be believed. Even varying degrees of scale thickness in the straps and liners have been achieved with amazing success.

In construction terms, this set is made of the same kind of top quality brass as other ABER sets. It is easily cut, folded and bent into desired shapes. Although very small, the parts fit together very well and the helmet liners are quite buildable.

All in all, I would highly recommend this set to anyone wishing to take the time to detail the interior of German helmets as an accessory to either a model or a diorama. The extra level of detail this set provides will make the work to assemble it, well worth it.

Highly Recommended

The North American importer for Aber is AirConnection.

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