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Custom Dioramics CD4009 SS Tankers

Andrew Dextras

A useful pair of cold weather late war German troops on fuel duty bringing up Jerrycans who have briefly paused for a smoke - perhaps not the wisest activity considering what they are carrying...But nevertheless both are well executed and effort has been made to replicate the considerable weight of full jerrys in their stances. They both wear short boots and padded winter pants with one figure only in his M44 tunic and braces, while the other wears the padded jacket also. A mixture of headgear is represented with the early issue Schiffen or sidecap and the M43 field cap. While intended to be SS, with minor insignia work and a different paint job, they could just as easily represent Heer troops. Should be a good pair to add to a winter '44 refuel dio.

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