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Dragon Georgian Legion Normandy 1944 (6277)

by Frank De Sisto

1/35th-scale injection molded styrene plastic. Contains: 70 styrene parts and a small decal sheet, plus assembly and painting guide on box top. Price: unavailable.

This new set from DML consists of four figures in the act of surrendering. Three have their hands raised, while a fourth is down on the ground, holding a wounded shoulder. They all wear M1943 tunics and trousers as well as M1941 ankle boots with canvas gaiters. The remainder of their dress is standard belts and steel helmet.

Figure one is standing with legs apart, hands up. Figure two is also standing, but is in the act of turning towards his captors, also with hands raised. The third man is kneeling on both knees with hands raised. The fourth is lying with feet outstretched and covers his wounded left shoulder with his right hand. He is bare-headed. The last two figures also feature hob-nail details on the easily visible soles of their boots. The poses are natural and will certainly lend the figures to many a diorama idea. And, since the figures wear standard German uniforms, they can be modeled as either Heeres or Waffen-SS troops (in the latter case by removing breast eagles and placing SS-style eagles on the sleeves) with little trouble.

Each man comes fully-equipped with ammo pouches for a Kar98 K rifle, canteen, bread bag and bayonet in frog. They all have steel helmets, with the bare-headed figure’s helmet including internal suspension webbing. There are two sprues with weapons. One contains two Kar98s and an MP40. The second is more extensive and contains one each of the following weapons: Kar98, GW43, MP40, MP44, two different Panzerfausts and an MG42. This last item comes complete with opened or closed bipod, snail drum ammo container, ammunition box (in four parts so it’s completely detailed), belted ammo and finally, a spare barrel container. These can be placed around the figures for an “immediate” look.

Molding and detail is crisp, with very well-defined items such as shoulder straps, belt buckles, buttons, collars and pockets. The assembly and painting guide is situated on the box bottom, and has painting notes keyed to Testors and Gunze paints.

Although one hears complaints whenever DML releases “another German figure set”, in this case, the poses are most useful and unique. Diorama modelers ought to like these guys.


Reviewer’s note: Since May of 2005, I have been working on books for Concord Publications, a sister company to DML. The reader may wish to take this into consideration. For my part, I will attempt to maintain an objective viewpoint when writing these reviews.

DML kits are available from retail and mail order shops. For details see their web site at: www.dragonmodelsltd.com.