Osprey Men At Arms 361 - Axis Cavalry in WWII

John Prigent

Men-at-Arms 361, Axis Cavalry in World War II, by Dr Jeffrey T Fowler, illustrated by Mike Chappell, ISBN 1-84176-323-3, Osprey Publishing Ltd.

Most people think the Germans only used cavalry up to the time of Barbarossa, but in this book you can read how they were actually still fighting in 1945.  Not just German units, but also Romanian, Italian, Hungarian, Cossack, and Kalmuk units were involved and are all described in this book.

The special items of German cavalry uniforms and equipment are of course described and illustrated, and there's a good deal here about the units' combat roles as well.  Horses were able to function in the Russian mud when wheeled vehicles and even tanks were stuck, which brings an instant diorama idea to mind - how about the Tamiya cavalry set that many of us have tucked away, detailed from this book and passing a stuck Panther?

This is a "must buy" for its splendid plates and photographs.