Resicast 35555 British Paratrooper

Mark Bannerman

I 've just received my first order of Resicast figures out of Belgium. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see such high quality figures and of a subject matter that is under-represented in the resin figure market place.

The figure represents kit number 35.555 depicting a British paratrooper (WWII - Market Garden) bent over with hands on knees. The figure is cast as one piece in a fine light grey resin, with two separate heads (helmet with and without netting).

The detail on the figure is remarkable - nicely sculpted folds with minimal flash and one small seam running up the left side of the figure which can be fixed in less than a minute. The hands are wonderfully sculpted with thumbs spread out to depict pressure of the body on the knees. Nice touch ! I particularly like the realistic fold in the open jacket - just superb.

The figure scales out to precisely 1/35th scale. The two heads provided are very well done with nice detail in the face. One can only really judge a resin head when it is primed.. I sprayed both heads and both are different characters. One is smiling and the other looks a bit stern. The detail on both sets of faces is very well done - Creases on cheeks, lips, details around nose and eyes are exquisite. One would not have to paint pupils because of the squinting feature on both and the position of the head on the figure.

I like the pose very much suggesting the figure could be looking over a map or an injured comrade or perhaps chatting with someone from a bridge or vehicle. A colleague even suggested this figure does not necessarily have to be a paratrooper but could represent a British tank crew dependent on head gear although the head included in the kit with no net on helmet would work.

There is no figure out there of this subject in this pose and makes this a unique figure for those who enjoy painting British figures.

This is a superb figure and I rate highly with a 4 star out of a possible five.