Resicast 35556 Airborne Officer at Ease

Mark Bannerman

To accompany figure 35.555, Resicast offers a British Airborne Officer standing at ease with left arm behind his and the other on a pipe. Very distinguished and very "British".

The figure is cast in three pieces - body, head and right arm - and cast in a fine light grey resin, with a nicely sculpted head with netted para helmet.

Again, the detail on the figure is quite well done - folds, creases with one bit of flash between the legs and a moulding seam running up the right side of the figure and on the rear left leg - both easily corrected with an x-acto knife as the surface is quite smooth and crease-less. This figure also has a revolver in a holster around his armpit, and loaded down with close-body gear.

Similar to his colleague (35.555), the figure scales out to 1/35th scale. The head provided is well done with sharp detailing around the facial detail - eyes, mouth, nose - all well done. The detail on the helmet straps and helmet buckles are really superb.

The pose is very relaxed and suggests a high ranking para taking in the sites and sounds from a distance or observing a map. He goes with 35.555 and I already have a neat vignette in mind for these two characters.

This is a nicely done figure and I rate with a 4 star out of a possible five