Resicast 35564 Tank Crew in Leather Jerkins

Mark Bannerman

I saw these advertised some time ago and was interested to find out more about the detail of the most recent Resicast.

This set of figures represents kit number 35.564 depicting British tankers suitable for Centaur, Cromwell, Churchill or any tank used in Europe. The three half figures are cast in a quality light grey resin - which makes it easier to find small blemishes, with separate heads for each and separate arms.

The detail on the figures is truly remarkable - nicely sculpted folds with minimal flash and one small seam running up the right left side of the figure which can be fixed in less than a minute. All three figures are wearing lather jerkins with two wearing "crash" helmet and the commander wearing a beret.

Earphones, goggles...these guys are equipped. The hands are wonderfully sculpted, figures scales out to precisely 1/35th scale,

The detail on the faces are some of the best have seen - Creases on cheeks, lips, details around nose and eyes are exquisite. One would not have to paint pupils because of the squinting feature on both and the position of the head on the figure.

This was a great purchase - highly desirable and highly recommended.