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Takahashi Modelling #07 Sturmgeschutz Crew

Mark Bannerman

Just received my first long awaited Takahashi figure. The figure is 1/35th scale and made of white metal, although it says pewter on the box. I don't know the difference between pewter and white metal but figure feels and looks like white metal - similar to the Hornet range. The figure comes with separate head , arms, one separate boot and a one piece torso. His pose is relaxed, smoke in one hand, with other hand-fisted on hip.

The quality of sculpting is very high and measures up to the Hornet range of quality. The head is quite well done though it appears a little flat and a tad wide. Unfortunately, the head does not have a plug to insert into the collars. Rather, the figure's neck protrudes from the collar leaving the joint between neck and head exposed. This will require careful application of the head and the challenge lies in ensuring the joint is cleanly sanded and perfectly flush. The detail on the uniform is quite crisp and the folds on the trousers are well done. The boots are a little small perhaps as are his hands. Downside includes a nasty seam line down the entire left hand side of the figure. This is troublesome because the seam finds itself in and out of the folds which will make it a challenge for cleaning up without damaging the sharp folds. And another seam can be located along the left side of the head right through the ear. The arms also have seams but these appear to be easier to clean up.

I am a little disappointed with the seams, despite the fact the figure is nicely posed, crisply sculpted and of an interesting subject matter. In painting this figure, I will scrap the head because removing the seams is a delicate operation and is not something I tend to attempt. In replacing the head, I will have sand down the neck and drill down into the collar. The seams on the torso is manageable with some fine sand paper but needs to be carefully addressed to avoid flattening the tops of the folds. Like most companies in the business of making figures, early figures tend to be a little rough and will be improved upon in time. I give this particular figure 3 stars out of 5. I am expecting a few more to come in within the next few weeks and look forward to providing some comments.

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