Tristar 002 German Self Propelled Gun Crew

James Blackwell

The second figure set release from this new Chinese company is also up to the same high standard set with their first. This time 4 full figures are supplied in summer dress from an SPG unit posed loading shells and on radio watch. Sculptor is the gifted Yoshitaka Hirano again. Moulding is very sharp and the sculpting first rate, even down to fingers moulded separated or with cigarettes in them all free of flash. Again facial detail is very good indeed and well defined. Parts are again logically broken down with clever attachment points. Posing too is also very natural with clothing folds and uniform detail well captured.
A nice touch in this set too is the inclusion of a small photo-etched fret of 3 headphone bands and the 6 U-shaped tiny wire guides they slide under on the earphone pad. Oddly though only one figure is moulded wearing headphones and no extra pads are supplied to make up two more to drape on the vehicle somewhere which would have been a logical and nice touch? So you either get two nicely done bands for another project, or will need to slice up some tube and stick a bolthead to it to make some more pads yourself to use the extra bands for. Also no shell is provided for the 2 ammo loaders, but considering the range of calibre options open for vehicles that this set could potentially crew up, and the variety of kit provided or after market ammo options, this shouldn't pose a problem for most modellers.
This time on the 4 box lid flaps at each end, 3 maps and 22 black and green range table data charts/plates commonly seen on all artillery pieces and inside the shields somewhere on most SPGs are supplied which is a great touch. So always check your Tristar boxes after use and before binning them every time for these printed extras to keep for the current project or the parts box and avoid throwing them out.
Again all up another very nicely done set of high quality figures, and thoroughly recommended to anyone wishing to crew up their AFVs/SPGs with decent injection-moulded figures at an affordable price.



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