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Ultracast Bare Heads Sets #35021&35022

Eric Mac Intyre

As a welcomed addition to their already fine range of 1/35 scale figures, Ultracast now offers two different sets of bare heads. Each pack contains five different heads depicting both different hair styles as well as facial expressions.

Both sets provide the modeler with a wide choice of hair styles, everything from a short clean cut look, to a messy “longer” hair look that a soldier would develop after spending some time in combat. There are even a couple of heads which very successfully demonstrate the onset of male pattern balding.

Facial expressions are as individual as the hair styles. All faces are masterfully done with detail which sets new standards in the industry....even the noses are different from head to head. What more could you ask for?

All of the heads are superbly cast in a cream yellow resin and are typical of the excellent quality offered by Ultracast. Each head is individually cast on its own block which greatly facilitates painting. I found absolutely no casting marks, flash, air bubbles or mold shift on the pieces. They are about as close to perfect as a figure painter could want.

The heads are interchangeable with other Ultracast heads and could therefore be used to replace the ones provides with their current range of figures. As a result, a modeler has now the opportunity to further personalize his figures to suit his needs.

I highly recommend these latest offerings from Ultracast to anyone interested in modeling figures.

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