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Ultracast # 35027 Canadian/Commonwealth Tank Crew Normandy 1944

Eric Mac Intyre

Ultracast has come to the aid to Allied armour fans once again with the release of their new set of Canadian/Commonwealth Tank Crew. This set of figures fills an important gap by providing the modeler with the option of a Commonwealth tank crew in “summer dress”, as would be worn by troops in Normandy and shortly there after. The figure’s uniforms could also be applicable for armour crews on the Italian front.

This particular set which contains one full figure and two half figures is actually designed to fit DML’s Sherman Firefly kit #6031. However, upon closer inspection, it is quite clear that this figure set could be used on any Commonwealth tank kit currently available with little or no additional work.

As a nice extra touch, the set provides five different heads to choice from, which means that one is left with two extra heads to add to the spares box. Yes, yes I know, it sounds quite incredible, but it is true, a resin manufacturer is actually giving out extra (useful) parts. Ultracast is to be applauded for this effort.

As mentioned earlier, the figure’s uniforms are typical Commonwealth summer dress. I must say the attention to detail and level of sculpting precision is remarkable. Molding quality is again excellent, as we have come to expect from Ultracast. The casting is clean and no air bubbles or mold shift are present. Only a very minor amount of cleanup will be needed before painting.

Hopefully this is only the beginning of a great line of “summer dress” Commonwealth tank crews by Ultracast. I know the need is there, as the market still has many gaps to fill.

I highly recommend this figure set to anyone interested in a crew set for their Commonwealth tank.

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