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Ultracast 1/35th-scale American Tank Crewman 1944-45 (35039)

by Paul Fraser

Another first-class effort from Ultracast. This standing tanker wears overalls and a leather crew helmet, clutches a wrench in his left hand, while his right hand rests on his holster. His shirt sleeves are rolled up. The two arms and head are cast separately - everything else is one piece. The wrench is cast
as one with the left hand, meaning he grips it tightly.

Details are crisp, with no obvious pinholes or seams in the resin. I do wish Ultracast would put some padding in their baggies though. My crewman had a finger broken off in transit.

Nowadays, modellers tend to automatically lop off the heads of their plastic and resin figures, to replace them with Hornet heads. That's not necessary here. Ultracast produce excellent heads with plenty of character. Ultracast sensibly locates the head's pour plug on the bottom of the neck, so any damage while removing the resin runner is minimal. Some companies I could name persist in locating the pour plug on the top of the head or helmet. The
logic escapes me.

A colour image of the finished figure is included, offering a guideline on painting. For more information, visit www.ultracast.ca

Paul Fraser