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Warriors #35260 Japanese Tank Crew, Summer Dress

Eric Mac Intyre

This kit contains three crew figures, one full figure and two half figures. They depict a Japanese tank crew in summer dress with one officer and two crew.

The uniform seem to be very well researched based on the limited information I have on hand on Japanese Tanker’s uniforms. The crew’s cotton fabric coveralls are correctly portrayed as well as the typical Japanese tanker’s head gear. The officer is especially nice and is available separately in a single figure kit no.35272. He wears a more typical Japanese army officers uniform as opposed to the tanker’s coveralls.

These figures could be used with a the number of Japanese tank models available on the market from such manufactures as Tamiya and Finemolds. They have a general non specific stance and the condition of their uniforms do not denote any severe combat action which make them ideally suited for many different display scenes.

Warriors has beautifully cast these figures in a light tan resin with little or no flash present. Mold plugs are minimized and are easily removed without damage to the parts. Unlike many other resin figures, the heads are molded as part of the bodies. This can be a good or bad point depending on one’s painting technique and ability. However, it does eliminate the problem which occurs sometimes, when the neck is too small for the collar after the head has been attached to the body.

Although arguably not the most popular of W.W.II modeling subjects, Warriors has once again filled an important niche in the market for figures by providing us with a very useful and vesitile set of figures to complement the many excellent 1/35 scale kits of Japanese tanks which are currently on the market.

Highly Recommended

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