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Warriors #35267 Universal Mechanics

Eric Mac Intyre

This kit includes two full figures of men in mechanic type overalls. On the box cover, they are portrayed as Germans in WWII. However, the general nature of the clothing allows them to be used as mechanics for most armies and at any period of time. In fact, they could easily be used as civilian mechanics if the modeler chose to do so.

Both men are wearing very generic full overalls with their sleeves down. One mechanic is leaning forward pointing to something, ie “an oil leak”. The other is holding a wrench/spanner with one hand and has his other hand held out, palm open as if he is waiting for a bolt to be dropped in it.  The figures stances are very natural and can be used in a multitude of different settings. With a little modification, the uses for these mechanics are only limited by the imagination of the modeler.

Once again, the sculpting and casting of these figures is excellent. They have been cast in the typical light tan resin. There is little flash, mold plugs are minimal and no air bubbles have been noted. Each head is nicely done with both different haircuts and well as facial features.  Assembly proved to be very straightforward and no noteworthy problems were encountered. The fit of all parts was excellent as has become the standard from Warriors.

Warriors has once again filled a needed gap in the figure marked with this excellent new release. The universal nature of the figures will benefit a whole range 1/35 scale modelers with differing interest.

Highly Recommended

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