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Warriors #35270 USMC Tank Crew WWII

Eric Mac Intyre

This kit contains 3 figures, one full figure, two half crew figures. They designed to depict a USMC tank crew of W.W.II. The two half figures are designed to be used inside a tank’s hatch were the lower portions of their bodies will not be visible.

Their uniforms are very well done and portray very realistically how a tank crew would look like when fighting in a tropical environment. The full figure is fully dressed in a typical Marine tankers uniform as can be found in the many inexpensive, high quality Pacific War and US armor reference books as offered by Concord, Osprey and Squadron. One of the half figures wears a short sleeve undershirt (T-shirt) and the other wears his regular tankers shirt open revealing a bare chest. Both have pistol holster slings over their shoulders with the holsters located under their left arms All in all, they denote very well a sense of heat and humidity that would be found in the Pacific theater.

Although probably designed for use with a Sherman, these figures can be used with just about any US tank which saw action in the Pacific. With little modification, they could also be used on pretty well any US tank both in W.W.II and Korea, given of course, they are portrayed in a summer scene. They can also be used separately on different model projects.

The molding quality of these figures is on par with the usual excellent standards that has made Warriors among the best in the industry. They are cast almost free of flash and air bubbles. Mold plugs are keep to a minimum and are easily removed with little worry of damaging the finally cast pieces. Each head is different and portrays both different facial features as well as head gear or hairstyle. The stances of the figures is very realistic and could be used to depict a number of casual scenes.

With this most welcomed release, Warriors has filled an important void in the figure world. Lets hope this trend continues with further great releases of Allied figures from the Pacific theater.

Highly Recommended

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