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Warriors #35282 Waffen SS Mobelwagen Crew

Eric Mac Intyre

This set includes three full gun crew figures for use with Tamiya’s New Mobelwagen kit. The set provides one officer, one loader with a 37mm ammo clip and one gunner in the seated position with his hands on the gun controls. All the figures possess a mixture of late war SS and panzer crew uniforms. The dress is light and the loader has his shirt sleeves rolled up. Therefore this set would be appropriate for spring, summer and fall scenes. All figures possess a very lifelike and animated stance portraying a crew which is prepared for action.

They are all superbly molded in a light tan resin. Flash and clean up are minimal given the complicated nature of the figures stances. The figure are free of any defects and no air bubble have been noted on my samples. The assembly was very easy and straight forward which is really reflective of the high quality of both the sculpting of the figures as well as the excellent castings.

To add to the realism, each face has been given a different expression. The gunner is molded with the 37mm seat attached to ensure a natural fit when placed on the model. This also means that the gunner’s seat should be omitted from the Mobelwagen’s 37mm gun during assembly.   This crew set could also be theoretically used with Italeri’s 37mm Flak 43 and potentially other 37mm Flak guns given some minor modifications. This expands a modeler’s ability to include these figures on other vehicles or into other scenes.

With this new release, Warriors truly demonstrates it is still at the forefront of both figure design and manufacturing.

Highly recommended

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