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Warriors #35355 Waffen SS Grenadier Russia 1943

Andrew Dextras

Cleanly cast as per the usual Warriors standard, this figure has a slightly odd title as hes clearly sculpted/painted as Wehrmacht MG Gunner with Heer collar lintzen and breast eagle. But either a typo or simply only minor work involved in converting him over to an SS figure if this is your preference. Hes depicted as a typical infantry MG-42 gunner in the standard M36 tunic with jackboots. Initially released with the "Road to Stalingrad" sectioned T-34 Vignette #35256, but is now available separately. Depicted in an unusual kneeling pose and with nice touches such as bare head, the bandaged hand and ammo belt draped around the neck, he'll be a handy inclusion in a lull in fighting type dio or vignette.

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