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Warriors #35356 German Tankers Loading Ammo

Andrew Dextras

Very nicely cast in a light cream resin, this figure set comprises of a later war Heer Panzer or Jg.Pz. full figure crew pair reloading with short (ie: L48) 75mm rounds. The kneeling figure is in the black M43 cap and panzer tunic with an open necked shirt beneath and reed green fatigue pants. Hes nicely sculpted in a natural, relaxed pose with a cigarette in his left hand resting on the shell. The standing figure is also wearing the M43 cap but with a reed green tunic over a shirt and jumper combo and is depicted with Italian camo material trousers but these can obviously be painted as black or reed green as preferred also. Both wear the short lace up vehicle crew boots. A very nicely done pair with plenty of dio possibilities and as usual with a tiny bit of cosmetic insignia surgery could be converted to an SS pair quite easily if so desired.

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