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Warriors 35360 Wehrmacht Infantry Riding StuG - Set No. 1

Andrew Dextras

A common sight in photos from the latter stages of WWII in the East and West is the use of AFVs as battlefield taxis for the troops and Panzergrenadiers, but its very tough getting figures posed naturally and convincingly in model form. Warriors latest double set serves to rectify that situation with the first 3 figures from a Wehrmacht inf. Section incl. an officer and 2 privates sitting in various casual poses. Sculpting is typically sharp and poses very good with a lot of animation. A mixture of Jackboots and the short boots and gaiters is depicted meaning '44 onwards - Normandy to the end. Also a mix of standard helmet and one with a camo cover. Obviously while primarily designed for a StuG III, their use on other vehicles with or without some minor conversion is only limited by your imagination.

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