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Warriors 35368 Panzer Troops Late War

Andrew Dextras

A handy duo of 2 later war panzer crewman, each minus beltgear. The very naturally sculpted casual WH figure in the panzer tunic holding his breadbag and water bottle would be an ideal POW subject for a 1945 surrender scene. Though rare perhaps to see a sidecap on such a late war subject, though gunner's were known to favour them to avoid the brim fouling on their optics, so still quite plausible. He also wears perhaps a slightly unusual pair of custom tailored trousers with pockets on each thigh but again many non standard variations were observed. While the figure in the reversible parka with hands in pockets and hood raised could be used effortlessly in any causal winter scene, or in a similar POW situation, though the use of the winter jacket may preclude them being used easily in combination.

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