Warriors 35428 SS "RSO" crew (2 figures)

Andrew Dextras

A long overdue pair to crew up the venerable old Peerless/Max/Italeri RSO kits. Both are in summer dress and pre '43 sidecaps, which is still welcome, but a little unexpected considering the RSO really came into its own in the winter mud on the Eastern Front during the '43-'44 winters and thaws with its unstoppable 12mph crawl, and this perhaps would be its most common or popular usage amongst modellers. Nevertheless, these two are very nicely done indeed in casual shirtsleeve order poses typical for supply drivers. While labelled SS, very little effort would be required on their cap insignias to convert them over to Heer troops either. The only minor gripe might be the at first glance nice touch of the left arm out the window for the driver so only one hand is on one stick, implying they maybe be doing a big left turn unless the sticks could be locked together somehow? But the co-driver leaning out to check their load or the traffic behind them is a really interesting and well thought out pose and to be commended. Hopefully to compliment this set a companion one in winter dress maybe offered down the line to allow the full range of possibilities in all conditions to be explored with this interesting and popular little vehicle?

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