Warriors 35431 SS Sniper Team

Andrew Dextras

A nicely done stand-alone piece - "shake and bake vignette in a box" (with potential obviously for incorporating into a larger dio also if so desired). Featuring a "T" shaped wall corner of a destroyed brick building, a sniper in a semi seated position amongst the rubble is depicted taking aim through a hole in the masonry while his spotter equipped with binoculars looks for potential targets. Wearing a smock over their uniforms and the Y strap webbing over this in turn, they will be a nice, ready to go cameo piece for figure and vignette aficionados, or provide an interesting corner for dio builders looking for a little extra finishing touch for viewers to find. Casting as usual is first rate, and is very impressive on the base itself capturing all the intricacies of a ruin and the ragged complexities of the rubble.

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