Warriors 35445 "Green Devils"

Andrew Dextras

Continuing on the para theme, this ready made vignette of a ruined Italian building corner base and 3 advancing fallschirmjagers should find favour for those looking for a quick modelling fix. The building is quite nicely done in resin and captures the look of the Mediterranean theatre quite well with the round transom. The 3 figures are caught mid pose (one being the previously reviewed solo figure 35439), and the other nicely done raising his MP-40 to his shoulder, while the last - the FG42 gunner, perhaps looks a little ungainly and off-balance - but perhaps done deliberately to help add to the tension obviously meant to be conveyed of imminent action. Nice concept though and great casting as we've come to expect from the team at Warriors (The wounded para 35444 would also work well inside the building). 

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