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Miniature Alliance WZ3501 Commonwealth Figure

Mark Bannerman

Just received my first Miniature Alliance 1/35th figure - the first in the set of many I hope.It comes in a stout box, full white metal with one piece torso, separate head (with slouch hat attached), separate arms, revolver and machete
holster and small circular stand.

My first impression is "WOW". It is finely cast with very little in the way of seams. The stance is relaxed with one arm on hip and the other holding a machete with his index finger delicately propped across the machete blade. I have attached a digital of the box with photo.

The face is superb and the stance is just so right on. Detail all over is top notch and cannot wait to paint this figure up. I will be posting an article on this in the near future. I put this figure right up there with a 4 stars out of 5. He is a nice addition for anyone contemplating a "Chin-Dits" vignette or jungle fighter of sorts.   The price is about $12. Miniature Alliance is based
out of Singapore and have also released a series of figures in 1/16th scale which are also very nice. Check their
site at www.minially.com

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