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Aber #35043 Sturmtiger Exterior

John Prigent

One fret 3 inches by 4.75 inches, plus a smaller one with the four engine deck mesh screens. The large fret has quite a lot on it, so I'll list the bits by model area.

Front hull: Barrel liner (the instructions say grind away 0.1 mm of the barrel interior to fit it), stepped lining for the sighting port (not completely successful but better than I'd manage scratchbuilding it!), inner transmission plates with bolt heads to add to them, Bosch light mount and the usual upgrade bits, front trackguard details and sprung retainer.  Hull sides: complete tool stowage brackets, with all the bits for whichever tools stowage you're copying from any photograph.  Engine deck and hull rear: the mount and MANY replacement parts for the loading crane with a complete new top rail, hoist and loading clamp, full stowage brackets for all areas to complete your ability to copy any photograph, engine air vent cover, exhaust poppers and rain covers, new rear light assembly, parts to scratchbuild the jack (I must have a go at one of these, it seems all you need to do is copy in 1.2 mm plastic sheet the shapes etched onto the parts and then add the brass details to them).

Interior (yes, there are interior parts in the exterior set!): details for the nahvertiedigungswaffen, aft top hatch opening "spring", breech detail parts to improve this area, breech travel locks, bolted mounts for the superstructure to hull joint, pistol port interior parts, commander's cupola interior with scissors periscope mount and the fixed periscope too.

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