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Aber #35047 Sturmtiger Interior

John Prigent

The instructions for this one cover no fewer than SIX sides of A4, and there are three frets - one 3 by 4.75 inches, one 2 by 4.75 inches, a smaller one of weld beads, and a film fret for the instruments and radio transmitter and receiver.

Contents: complete radio transmitter/receiver - the film goes inside the dials and also provides the labels for the outsides of the casings, radio racks, sliding shell loading rack upper rails and rollers, instrument panel, very detailed hull MG mount, sliding covers and mechanism for the sight port, template on the instruction sheets) to thicken the front armour with 1 mm  plastic sheet, Atemschlauch mounts and details, interior lights, driver's periscopes, control pedals, gear change lever box, ventilator fan housing, radio operator's seat back details, welded sheet parts to go between the bolted superstructure to hull connectors, complete new shell stowage racks (full-size positioning plan on the instruction sheet), complete roof interior loading hoist and rails for it to slide on.

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