Aber 35102 Sd. Ah. 116 "Basic" Set

Andrew Dextras

Only the wizards at Aber would be crazy enough to call this set "basic".  Featuring 2 large and one small PE sets, along with some 2 diameters of wire and a length of brass tubing, this very busy set is complete with 3 double sided 8.5" x 11" instructions sheets.

Construction begins with various undercarriage parts with details for the leaf springs and accompanying hardware.  Some of the more complicated assemblies revolves around the wire that is provided:  the complete brake line system is mapped out in the instructions.  Not for the faint of heart, but it will blow the socks off anyone who turns the model over and sees this!  Work then proceeds to the front of the trailer with a complete reconstruction of the "A" frame and all the fittings in this area.  The pneumatic cylinders for the braking system are also given the Aber treatment with retaining straps and mounts.  The set ends off with dozens of parts to detail the trailer "driver"area.

The majority of this set is comprised of very small detail parts, steady hands are required to add these.  This set is designed to enhance the detail of the Tamiya trailer which will certainly stand out compared to an OOTB kit.  For those modellers interested in replacing many of the main structures on the Tamiya kit, check out Aber 35103.

More images of the set installed on Tamiya's kit can be seen here.

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