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Aber German 88mm Anti-Aircraft gun Flak36, Vol. 2 (35184)

by Frank De Sisto

, , additional set- armor for DML kit. 1/35th-scale photo-etched brass. Price: $17.99 USD, $21.99 CDN.

Although billed as “additional set-armour” on the label, this etched detail set actually has other things included as well. But foremost, it is designed to completely replace the styrene plastic gun shield included in the recent DML kit.

Included are the small lockers that mount, one each, on each fender of the two wheel units, which constitute the Sd.Ah. limber system. These include working hinges (brass rod for hinge pin not included) as well as mounting legs, hasps, “half” wing nuts, locks and securing chains.

But the main attraction, of course, is the completely new gun shield. It comes in three main sections (front and both “wings”) because the actual shield was constructed that way, leaving a distinct gap between the three parts. There are the appropriate “L”-brackets to connect the parts as well as the framework and other points that mounted the shield to the gun’s cradle. The small pivoting flap for the gun sight aperture is also included as is the plate which reinforced the front shield (which in reality was in two parts) where it was joined together. Lots and lots of small etched brass rivets and hex-bolt heads are also supplied, but I’d replace these with styrene alternatives; I simply cannot imagine trimming the connection points from all of those little buggers! The usual clear, but busy-to-understand instructions are contained on a single side of an A4-sized sheet of paper. Study them carefully! Also, note that styrene rod of various diameters is called for, but not supplied; the modeler will have to source them himself.

This set is probably a good introduction for someone who has used etched brass, but who has not yet experienced working with a more complex type of product, such as that usually exemplified by Aber.

Highly recommended.

Aber products are available in North America from AirConnection at: www.airconnection.on.ca. Elsewhere see: www.aber.net.pl for details.